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im syrup, im a rapper and music producer. my biggest interests are music, art and video games, but i have many more interests than that (like photography, graffiti, fiction writing, films etc...)

i use any pronouns, but im trying out more she/her recently

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:knife: ☆ ~~ xXx BiTcH kNiFe ZoNe xXx ~~ ☆ :knife:

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ayo if u ever see me interact with someone that you know is bad in any way(abusive, problematic, fash, etc.), dont hesitate to let me know

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asking for money for a nonprofit, pls boost 

oh shit i didnt know will toledo wrote the opening words for it

finally bought the pervert think im gonna read it now

drug usage, hunter s thompson shit 

well. idk about converse but doc martens def r

kinda considering buying doc martens or converse cause i kinda need new shoes but those shits expensive

salty and sarcastic about shit no one even cares about anymore 

oh wow apparently the developers of raid: shadow legends are israeli. huh

look at those funny little markings underneath the pictures. we call them words

anyway its 2 am fuck this goodnight

ok clip studio paint was 50% off so i bought it so i can do my stupid hand and face studies

need to get back into doing painting/drawing studies

disco elysium, this time actual racism, though fictional 

disco elysium, joke about racists, no actual racism mentioned tho 

you guys should know you are responsible for my terrible eating and sleeping habits and i forgive you

should i be a goblin and order pizza at 12 am

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i'm syrup. this is my personal server.