drugs, selfie, ec 

weed so loud it speakin tongues 2 me

i bought a dreamcast vmu because it was cheap and looked cool

tower unite screenshot 

lucario in your vinyl. you tell him to stop but he is in there @internetwolf

here's is my new fursona who has no name yet but im thinking uhhh darcy maybe??

she is a femby fox with a septum and a love for indie rock and she's cute as fuck

drawn by my boy @internetwolf !!!!!


shirt off selfie, non-lewd, eye contact, slightly negative? 

im just hanging out in my room with my shirt off and my neck strained feeling bitter

disco elysium, this time actual racism, though fictional 

isn't this like actual nazi rhethoric? like this is coming from a poc character but it's extremely racist. don't incels believe in the weird skull shape theory too actually

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disco elysium, joke about racists, no actual racism mentioned tho 

this game is genius

oh my bad, i meant that you all want to hear my house track that i'm working on

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graff, cops 

some cops pulled over right after i finished writing that last tag. they were looking for drugs. got mildly searched, had my id number written down and gotten told off for scribbling on walls. ACAB

anyway i got some cool stickers printed!!

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more recents

working on my handstyle and learning how to do sprays properly and its really fun

i should mention you can follow my graff instagram if youre interested in more of this, its @hlgn44

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god damn i love pavement

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i'm syrup. this is my personal server.