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help me name my cute femby fox

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furry art, drawn eye contact 

i helped @syrup design a new sona :heart_nb: she doesn't have a name yet but shes a cute femby fox


fuck i should have made my new fursona a mouse............

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anyway ima go watch more 12 oz mouse

aaaaaaaaaa @internetwolf drew me a new fursona and shes so fucking cute i cant wait until u guys see her

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selfie, ldr pda, eye contact 

this is an old pic but im posting it bc i really really miss @syrup rn i love u i wanna be close to u again soon

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asking for money for a nonprofit, pls boost 

my brother is part of a donation-funded theatre that makes films and performance art with/about people with learning disabilities, and this week if they raise £5000 then The Big Give will donate another £5000 on top!! so if you have anything spare please consider donating, itd mean the world if they can keep creating

and if you'd like to watch any films they've made so far, you can check them out here:

oh shit i didnt know will toledo wrote the opening words for it

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finally bought the pervert think im gonna read it now

drug usage, hunter s thompson shit 

this scene is a constant mood

well. idk about converse but doc martens def r

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kinda considering buying doc martens or converse cause i kinda need new shoes but those shits expensive

salty and sarcastic about shit no one even cares about anymore 

i love how every art on tumblr is either calarts or anime style. yup thats it thats how it works id know because im a youtuber

oh wow apparently the developers of raid: shadow legends are israeli. huh

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i'm syrup. this is my personal server.