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here's is my new fursona who has no name yet but im thinking uhhh darcy maybe??

she is a femby fox with a septum and a love for indie rock and she's cute as fuck

drawn by my boy @internetwolf !!!!!


re last re-toot

help me name my cute femby fox

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furry art, drawn eye contact 

fuck i should have made my new fursona a mouse............

anyway ima go watch more 12 oz mouse

aaaaaaaaaa @internetwolf drew me a new fursona and shes so fucking cute i cant wait until u guys see her

shirt off selfie, non-lewd, eye contact, slightly negative? 

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selfie, ldr pda, eye contact 

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selfie, no eye contact, boosts ok 

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asking for money for a nonprofit, pls boost 

oh shit i didnt know will toledo wrote the opening words for it

finally bought the pervert think im gonna read it now

drug usage, hunter s thompson shit 

well. idk about converse but doc martens def r

kinda considering buying doc martens or converse cause i kinda need new shoes but those shits expensive

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i'm syrup. this is my personal server.